Ryder - Den Besten Cup
March 22, 2020
Cooper River, Cherry Hill, NJ
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The river traffic pattern to be followed during practice.
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The river traffic pattern to be followed on race day.


·  Invitation-only

·  fully-buoyed six-lane race course w/ stake-boats

·  heats and finals for all crews

·  7am coach/coxswain meeting, 8am start, 1pm end

·  RegattaWorks timing

·  USRowing Registered Regatta w/ USRowing referees

·  Participating programs must have current USRowing Institutional Membership on the day of the event and each student-athlete must have an updated waiver on file w/ Regatta Central.


Seeding, Lane Assignments, Progression

·  Every program can submit V8, 2V8, V4 seeding (not including themselves) on Tuesday prior to the event.  Late submissions will not be considered.

·  RegattaWorks will randomly assign heats and lanes for all other crews.

·  Seeding results will be sent to Head Coaches and heat/lane assignments will be posted on Wednesday.

·  Winners of each heat and next three fastest times advance to the Grand Final, next six to the Petite Final and remaining crews to the Third Final.  Winners of the V8 heats are randomly assigned to lanes 2-3-4 in the Grand Final.  If you advance on time, lanes are loaded based on that time in this order: 3,4,2,5,1,6.  Seeding for the V8 does not affect what lane you are placed in after the heat.

·  The chief referee and regatta director will determine whether the loading pattern for the V8 heats and each final needs to be changed based on wind/water conditions. 


Tents & Parking

·  Athlete/erg tents can be directly behind your trailer.  Parent/Alumni food tents are only permitted at the finish line.  Parents can drive their vehicles directly into the finish-line area to unload and set up. 

·  Only trucks & trailers are allowed in the trailer area.  All other vehicles can park on N. Park Drive.

·  With 18 trailers, it is important that we work together to use the space wisely.  Please center your trailer on the visible stakes.  If using the grass, back up until your hitch is on the grass but keep your truck wheels on the gravel.

·  Beginning at 8:30am, no vehicle can enter or exit the trailer area.  Vehicles delivering food will be able to enter and temporarily park in the grassy space immediately to your right as you enter the trailer area for unloading.

·  Vehicles will be allowed to exit/enter the park once again after the last competitors have returned their boats to their trailers.


Arrival, Practice & Safety

·  We will need to work around high-school practices and regattas.

·  Head Coaches will be informed when trailers will be able to pull in.

·  Head Coaches will be informed when the course will be available for practice.

·  Practicing on the course the day before (or early in the morning on the day of the event) is at your own risk as there will not be any marshals on the water or EMS on shore during those times. Follow the practice pattern detailed in the Practice Map provided above.

·  Once the first race has begun, warm up can only be done in one direction… towards the start (west).  There will be no warm-up loop up by the start.

·  EMS will be stationed at the trailer area beginning at 7:30am on the day of the event and will be connected via radio to the regatta officials.

·  The Practice/Race maps can be accessed above and on this FILES page of this website.


Equipment & Weigh-ins

·  Teams are responsible for double-checking their own heel-ties.

·  Teams must provide their own bow-number.

·  No coxswain or boat weigh-ins.



·  Head Coaches will be on a group-text for important race-day communications.

·  Real-time results will be posted on RegattaWorks once the result is official.

·  Contact Stephen Kish at kish@bucknell.edu with any questions.


Points System

·  V4 - the number of boats entered in the V4 is the number of points the winner of the V4 is awarded.  Each place after that gets 1 less point.

·  2V8 - the number of boats entered in the 2V8, multiplied by two, is the number of points the winner of the 2V8 is awarded.  Each place after that gets 2 less points.

·  V8 - the number of boats entered in the V8, multiplied by three, is the number of points the winner of the V8 is awarded.  Each place after that gets 3 less points.

·  "B" entries will not be included in the calculation of points.

·  The program with the highest number of points wins the cup.

·  In the event of a tie (in points), the winner would be determined by the placement of the V8.